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Our mission is to provide a comprehensive program of fitness services, health promotion, and disease prevention activities for the community. The community based diabetes prevention program offers unique opportunities to encourage health, wellness and sustained behavior change.

The Zuni Wellness Center supports the Program Mission Statement through planning, developing and implementing fitness activities to control or prevent health risks related to diabetes.

ZWC’s objectives are to provide services through the following:

Basketball and Volleyball games during Open Gym daily. Adult Co-ed

Zuni Rezball Basketball League & Elementary level basketball games.

Zumba Kids (Children ages 4-12)

Local Public & Private schools – Providing Gym use for P.E. classes
and other activities. (Pre-school & K-12 Grades)

Senior/Elderly structured classes – utilizing Enhance Fitness

→ Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Intensive Out Patient (IOP) clients

→ Physical activity programs & Nutrition Education classes

→ Community/Tribal Program – Staff physical activity programs, Zumba
classes at Shiwi Tsana Elementary and Zuni I.H.S. employees.

→ Fitness Assessments – Division of Public Safety & Zuni Wildland Fire
Fighters (Zuni Hot Shots, Zuni Fire/EMS and Detention Officers and

→ Aftercare physical activity plans from doctors, hospital & self referrals

→ Community Events – Technical assistance & program promotion
activities in support of various health fairs, locally, and the surrounding

→ Nutrition Education for all community members.

Full view of monthly Community Fitness Schedule available here →  /schedule.html

Annual Zuni Fitness Series information available here →  /fitness-series.html

View Zumba Marathon fundraiser flyers here --> /marathons.html

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